Crown Connect Version 1.9.2

Release notes for version 1.9.2

Insurance Reimbursements (Open Dental)

Due to the varying degrees to which practices process reimbursements, we were constantly playing whack-a-mole with removing/adding fields and changing calculations to accommodate each practice’s needs. We have simplified the process by removing calculations and restoring the deductible field. Amounts will start at zero, allowing you to enter the amounts from the EOB to ensure greater accuracy and have a better snapshot of which procedures you have visited.

Unearned Income (Open Dental)

We’ve added two new additions to map your unearned payment definitions:

When “None” is mapped as an unearned definition, payments are posted to the patient’s ledger as Unallocated, and the payment amount reduces the patient’s balance.

Treatment Plan Definition
Allows you define how payments are posted to the patient’s ledger when a payment is allocated to a treatment plan procedure.

To visit your definitions, please select your name in the top right corner of Crown and choose “Settings > Open Dental”.

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