Crown Connect Version 1.3.2

Release notes for version 1.3.2

Payment Allocations

  • Payment Allocations are now out of beta
  • Allocate payments for Virtual Payments
  • Allocate payments for Payment Requests
  • Reorganized how procedures/treatment plans are displayed and sorted

If you’d like to enable payment allocations, click the name in the top right corner of Crown and go to Settings > Open Dental > and toggle on “Payment Allocations,” and save. Once enabled, please sign out and sign back into Crown. You’ll now see the allocate toggle when processing Terminal, Virtual, or Payment Requests.

Payment Requests

  • Ability to add a personal note
  • Allocate payments – you can now send a payment request and include procedures/treatments. These procedures/treatments will be displayed on the patient’s payment page, giving them an itemized list of procedures/treatments to support the requested payment.


Crown now has a notification system. You’ll be notified right within Crown when we push out new features, have system issues/outages, or anything else we’d like to communicate with you.

Payment Page

We’ve added the ability to download a QR code to add anywhere you’d like to link to your branded payment page.

To view your payment page details, pleaseĀ click the name in the top right corner of Crown and go to Settings > Payment Page.

Talk to us!

We’re always listening to enhancements requests to make Crown more powerful. Keep them coming, and you may see your request in a future release. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

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