Crown Connect Version 1.3.7

Release notes for version 1.3.7

Recover a transaction in Crown that didn’t return from the Poynt terminal

When processing a payment from Crown to your Poynt terminal, we may not receive a response back from Poynt to record that transaction in Crown (Typically related to network connectivity). In this event, Crown now gives you the ability to recover the transaction by following the steps below:

  1. During a terminal transaction, if the payment is processed and Crown never returns a confirmation message, click the link highlighted below.
  2. Crown will search Poynt to check if the transaction exists.
  3. If Crown can successfully recover your transaction, it will display a confirmation and record the transaction in Crown and your practice management system.

    If Crown is unable to recover the transaction, it will display a note alerting you of this. This step doesn’t guarantee the transaction didn’t complete, and we encourage you to visit your Transaction history on the terminal or Poynt portal. If a transaction does exist, please record these details into your practice management system manually.

Crown receipts are a little bit smarter.

We made a couple of tweaks to how receipts deliver to the practice and your patients.

  • If an email address is not present in the patient’s profile, the practice will still receive a copy of the receipt.
  • Patients making a payment through a mobile payment request will now receive their transaction receipt via text message.

Talk to us!

We’re always listening to enhancements requests to make Crown more powerful. Keep them coming, and you may see your request in a future release. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

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