Crown Connect Version 1.4.0

Release notes for version 1.4.0


Search Bar
We’ve added a search bar, giving you the ability to filter by procedure code and description.

Stored Cards

Request to Store Card
Send a request via text or email, and patients can securely add a card on file anytime, anywhere. The practice will be notified by email when the patient has completed a request. The newly stored card will become the default but doesn’t change the current card on existing payment or membership plans.

Payment Requests

Notes Everywhere
The note to patients now shows on text and email notifications.

Email Notifications
In email notifications, you can override the default email subject line and body title.

Claim Processing Coming Soon!

We’re in the final stretch of our insurance module. What is this insurance module, you say? At a high level, we’re enabling the ability to process and close insurance claims issued on virtual credit cards. Want an early preview to provide feedback? In the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to request enrollment in our limited beta.

Talk to us!

We’re always listening to enhancement requests to make Crown more powerful. Keep them coming, and you may see your request in a future release. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

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