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Where Efficiency Comes From

When you’re an Orange County janitorial service, the bidding process in one of the most crucial moments of communication for your company: it’s when you get to externalize your internal processes and wow clients with your best hand. It’s also a great learning opportunity for how your company approaches the competition. It’s a constant tug-of-war between the price the client wants to pay, and the overall quality they demand, and it’s your efficiency as a company that is in charge of making the magic happen. But where does efficiency come from?

If you ask most people who prepare bid proposals, odds are they will admit that price is central in their mind. They first think what price will need to be quoted in order to win the bid, and quality takes a back seat. When you, instead, think efficiency first, you view each area, and each task as an opportunity for efficiency, and here, using the right tools make a difference by increasing the cleaner’s possibilities.

Cost vs. quality

There is usually a connection between the more efficient (faster) methods of cleaning, and quality, assuming, of course, that the factory recommendations are followed. When a tool works better, a job is done better, and it’s often done faster, too.

On the other hand, cost is always a central concern, and when there is the need to upgrade to newer, more efficient equipment, there is a cost associated with the change. It’s this cost of upgrade that leads some janitorial companies & businesses to save on upfront costs, even though there are additional costs experienced in longer cleaning times, and reduced overall quality. Some examples are backpack-style vacuums (in contrast to canister-style floor vacuums) and “bucketless” flat mops (in contrast to the old-fashioned string mops). For both, the trade-off of added cost of adoption is eclipsed many times over by the savings that come from cleaning a space with the most efficient tool out there.


Finally, the ability to simplify can be a huge cost savings. Multi-purpose cleaners that can replace multiple products is a way to simultaneously save money on monthly cleaning materials, save the time it takes to transition from cleaner to cleaner as the team moves around, and lastly, save the environment, as often less of the right product is needed to do the same exact job that previously took many cleaning products to accomplish.

This is why, when assessing a cleaning job for a bid, it’s a better idea to start from the perspective of opportunities for efficiency. In addition to tools, proper training plays an immense part in guaranteeing the most efficient cleaning service from your Orange County janitorial service. For bids, then, put cost aside, and let the most efficient bid win.