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The Necessity of a Versatile POS For Restaurants

With the current public health crisis and its ensuing economic maelstrom, vendors face daunting challenges in the days ahead. And for the retail and foodservice sectors, the outlook appears especially dire. Early forecasts released by the National Restaurant Association anticipate foodservice industry losses of $225 billion over the next three months. With so much up in the air, flexibility and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing situation is critical to business survival.

Even prior to the current health crisis, the foodservice sector was seeing a steady increase in food delivery orders and takeout. As scores of restaurants and bars shutter their in-store service overnight, food delivery and take out are becoming the only viable option for many vendors. Even some upscale dine-in establishments have transitioned to delivery and take out models to stay open. All the while, small business owners scramble to find viable revenue streams to avert all-out closure.

Flexibility means Adaptability

As a vendor, it is critical to employ a versatile and streamlined point-of-sale system. The best mobile pos system is one that allows you to accept a variety of payments; like credit cards and touchless payments such as Apple Pay, and allows you to do so in-store or on the go. Poynt Terminals offer flexible payment options in a compact and mobile platform, enabling you to accept payments anywhere, whether it be at your store counter, curbside, or at an improvised drive-thru.

Additionally, Moolah offers merchants the ability to accept online payments through the vendor’s website, equipping your business to operate nimbly and adapt on the fly. So if overnight you need to transition from primarily in-store to primarily online transactions, Moolah makes it possible. Additionally, a host of integrated applications, automated functions such as bookkeeping and inventory management, guaranteeing you have the most up to date information about what is on the shelf or in the merchant account no matter how hectic the situation becomes. Employing the best mobile pos system ensures that the moment’s chaos will not overwhelm your core essential operations.

At Moolah, we strive to empower your business, no matter the obstacle. We make it our mission to provide your business with the tools to process payments efficiently, securely, and across a host of platforms & retail environments. We offer a point of sale system to seamlessly integrate a variety of core business functions and keep your business thriving.