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What’s the Poynt?

Moolah Partners with Poynt for Easier POS

The Point of Sale game is speeding up. It may be disarming to realize all the different options you now have in choosing a POS terminal and payment processing service. To make it easier for you to decide, Moolah has teamed up with Poynt to offer you a great choice, and a great deal.

Thinking of upgrading your point of sale, but not sure which direction you want to take it? Moolah is currently offering a solid opportunity just for you: We’re offering Moolah clients the chance to get on board with a brand new Poynt terminal, with equipment provided at no cost! You’ll be getting one of the sleekest POS solutions on the market, powered by the speed and simplicity of a Moolah account.

A truly beautiful POS, Poynt distinguishes itself from Square and other leading points of sale by its super convenient double screen—you’ve got one for the attendant, and one for the customer—at all times. You don’t have to bother with rotating the thing around to get a signature. Also, the ergonomic grab-and-go design makes it possible to take the terminal out and about. Maybe you own an outdoor café; maybe you’ve got a shoe store, and you’d like to allow customers to stay comfortable while the transaction is completed. With Poynt, you can go right to your customers with the terminal, getting people out the door faster, and keeping your waiters from pulling their hair during busy times. The user interface is clean and intuitive, too, allowing customers to complete their portion of the transaction faster and easier.

What other features does it have? Poynt also sports a thermal printer, allowing you to get a physical receipt into people’s hands if they need one. Poynt accepts everything, making it “Future-Proof”: MSR, EMV, NFC, and QR codes. You won’t have to worry about some new payment mode rendering it obsolete.

Plus with Poynt and your Moolah account, you’ve got an advantage over Square customers, as you’ll be getting better rates. With no setup fees and a pay-as-you-go structure, we offer 2.6% flat rate. That works out to be much better than Square’s 2.75%.

If you’re a small business that’s been on the fence about upgrading to mobile payments, this is the opportunity you’ve been wating for.

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