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What Faster Funding Can Do for You

Getting paid is one of the continual trials of the small business. Moolah is of the opinion that the best credit card processing company should work to make it faster and easier to get paid, not more difficult. With faster funding options and a range of features that streamline your payment infrastructure, payday can come sooner with Moolah.

Moolah is Closer

A typical draw back that is called out on some of the Moolah reviews you’ll read on review sites is that it takes longer to get set up with us. While this is true, there’s a good reason behind it. With Moolah, you’re getting more, in the form of a dedicated merchant account. This is your personal account, and we view it as one small part of the overall process of getting to know you. The approach lies in stark contrast to the approach of some of the “aggregators” such as Square and Stripe, which lump your transactions together with those of other merchants. This style of processing does two things: first, it adds delays. Typically, 3-5 days is a standard processing time to expect. Second, the lumping together of all those diverse payments means that the aggregator company exposes itself to extra risk of a fraudulent transaction. Aggregators typically offset this increased risk through increasing fees. A slightly longer application process is a simple trade-off for enjoying the benefits of lower fees, and faster deposits.

Cash Flow is King

When you’ve got consistent capital, your daily operations run more easily. When your payment processor holds the keys to your funds, especially at the wrong time of the month, it can make serious headaches. Inventory, payroll, rent, and more are payments that can’t wait. Particularly, when you are a newer business, unexpected necessities can pop up, and you need the cash flow to be able to take care of these things. All of these reasons point to going with the processor who can keep payments flowing.

A Processor That’s With You

Have you ever thought of your payment processor as an annoyance—or a necessary evil? It doesn’t have to be that way. The best credit card processing company can be a help to the growth of your business, not a hindrance. Moolah offers 1 and 2-day processing, meaning you can expect your funds in your account in as little as 24 hours. That regularity enhances your ability to predict your cash flow, and ensures that you’ll be able to make necessary payments. For online payments, you can take advantage of the way Moolah and authorize.Net can help you stay on top of payments. Set up Automated Recurring Billing, and you will be less likely to have to wait for payments to come in. There are even solutions for invoicing, allowing you to easily integrate a payment button with your electronic invoice.

With Moolah, you’ll be tearing down the little barriers that get between you and your customer’s payment, and ensuring that payments are part of your business’s success.