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What Does the Best POS For Your Food Truck Look Like?

Food trucks have exploded recently, and it may be for the simple fact that they put good food on the move. Naturally, if you are going to find a Point of Sale solution that can keep up with your restaurant on wheels, it’s got to be just as mobile. Moolah works to stay plugged in to the different industries, offering the best mobile POS system for any business. To this end, our credit card processing works with a variety of POS systems that offer features to match the needs of food trucks.

Take orders while customers wait in line.

The tiny kitchen in a mobile food truck makes efficient processes a key to success. You’ll be at an advantage if that efficiency can spill over into all aspects of the business. One way a good POS can help is by allowing you to take orders as the customers wait. Not only can this bump up your kitchen’s efficiency, it can also greatly improve the mood of your food truck experience by allowing people to get their order out of the way and relax while they wait for their food. If the location allows, set up some chairs, stools, and tables to make the wait a little more comfortable. Two great options that support this are Poynt and Lavu, both of which integrate with Moolah.

Food Know-how

Because Lavu caters to restaurants, they offer unique benefits that cater to the food and beverage industry. One such example is an easy kitchen display system, that transfers tickets right where they need to go, speeding up the order process.

Restaurant owners know the struggle. Whether it’s bulgogi or brown rice, gouda or goat cheese, your food is your product, and you can’t afford to have your portions off. The Lavu POS integrates with a portable wireless Bluetooth scale to make portion control a snap.

Different Locations, Different Markets

On a given week, your food truck may make an appearance at a corporate business park, a farmer’s market, a flea market, and an outdoor event. How can you keep track of how items sell? With a robust POS, that’s how. If you’re able to pull reports that show just how items sell in the variety of different locations, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on inventory, thus saving money. With the right information, it’s easier than ever to cater to the different customers you serve.

Lavu and Poynt are some of the best mobile POS systems for your business because they fit in perfectly to the work you do, and maybe provide options that you didn’t have access to before. Have more questions about the perfect POS? Reach out to Moolah today.