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Upgrading? Get the Poynt

You’ve loved your credit card terminal—ok, so you wouldn’t use the word LOVE, per se…but through thick and thin, day in, day out, it’s been there for you, more or less. I mean,
No matter how positive or negative your experience with your “good ol’ fashioned” credit card terminal, there comes a time when the needs of your business, the needs of your customers, or both, grow beyond what that noble machine can do for you.

Accept everything.

In our day and age, inclusivity is everything, and that is always the case for different types of payments. Cash, credit, debit, Am Ex, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay–you name it. There’s no real reason to put a barrier between your customer and your product. Do what you can to accept it all. With the Poynt Smart Terminal, you are all set to accept whatever type of payment walks through your doors.

Knowledge is Power

Your transactions are the center of your business, but for more reasons than your getting paid. It’s how you know everything about your business! In this sense, you need to know everything you possibly can about your transactions. With older types of points of sale, this wasn’t really possible. You had to turn to the receipts, learn by taking inventory, or other such time-consuming daily operations. With an upgrade to the Poynt Smart Terminal, you’ll be able to know things more precisely, and with more depth through the hardware’s ability to interact with any and all software solutions that you choose to implement. That means that your CRM can talk to your accounting and inventory tools to measure everything.

Get to know your Customer

Ever wonder why the big box retailers reward you with discounts by joining their club and giving them your info? It’s because when you swipe your card, they are able to enter your purchase into their system, and LEARN. They are essentially paying you with that 5% discount or whatever for your valuable data, which they can leverage in various ways. For smaller businesses, Poynt makes it easy to set up a rewards program of your own, through other cloud-based providers. Even if your intentions are more modest, it’s great to connect more closely with the people who support your business.

Connect and Conquer

The best reason to consider Poynt Smart Terminals for your next upgrade is the connectivity. This is the main reason the developers call the smart terminal future-proof. You can connect cash drawers, scales, scanners, and other peripherals with ease. You can even connect and monitor other Poynt POS systems if and when your store expands to another location. It’s all easy tracking, and easy reporting with Poynt.
This supreme connectivity is also why the Poynt Smart Terminal is the POS of choice for Moolah, and why we partnered with them to offer your business a free one, just for signing up for a Moolah merchant account. If the time has come for you to say goodbye to your old card machine, be gentle, and be prepared for your business to grow.