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Time to Upgrade? POS Misconceptions Debunked

With the ever-growing range of tech solutions available to small businesses, it’s normal for businesses to feel overwhelmed. What’s necessary to stay competitive, and what is just a passing fad? A certain degree of caution is good to have, but one upgrade that virtually all retail businesses can benefit from is a modern Point of Sale (POS). Still, certain misconceptions may be holding retailers back from modernizing. Here are a few common ones.

Misconception #1: A POS system is basically just an up-to-date cash register
Not at all. The functionalities of most contemporary POS systems have far surpassed the cash register of old. Because the POS is able to collect a range of data points from each sale, a wide range of functions are able to be automated, and leveraged, for improving your business. The essentials, such as inventory tracking, automatic price updates, and barcode scanning are made simple, but from here, the sky is the limit for what your POS can do. The Poynt Smart Terminal, which comes free when you sign on with a Moolah merchant account, offers an especially rich tapestry of apps and functionalities in the Poynt App ecosystem. Apps are designed specifically to streamline functions for many different parts of your business, and more apps are continually being developed for use with Poynt.

Misconception #2: You probably need an IT expert to set up your POS system
Don’t sell yourself short! Remember how back in the 90s you practically needed a degree in telecommunications to operate a cell phone, whereas now, with smart phones, 4-year olds and 94-year olds alike can easily do dozens of complex activities, without even looking at a manual? The same is true for many POS systems. The user interface for a good POS is so intuitive that it’s very easy to start with the basics right out of the box, and learning additional useful features as you go. In our day and age, everyone is a tech expert, as most technology has progressed in such a way that it meets the average human right where they are.

Misconception #3: A High-tech POS is expensive
Not true. The payment systems market is an increasingly competitive one, which has the benefit of keeping prices competitive. There are a range of options on the market for every budget. Moolah makes the decision especially easy for you; we’ll give you a FREE Poynt Smart Terminal when you partner with us for a Merchant account. You get one of the most stylish, advanced, and user-friendly terminals on the market, with the benefit of a dedicated merchant account from Moolah.

So while it’s true that it can be tough to keep up with a lot of the options, you may be limiting your capabilities by keeping a dinosaur cash box around.