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The Most Common Questions for Your New POS

It’s very exciting. When the time comes to update your business to a brand-new Point of Sale system, your potential for growth grows tremendously. Still, you need to make sure that you treat the new decision for the momentous one that it is. If this is you, it’s likely that you’ve got questions:

Which features do I need?

This question can likely be tied to the question, which features are out there? If you’re new to the world of integrated payments, then you may not be fully aware of the range of helpful apps, third-party solutions, and features that make your business work better. the Poynt Smart Terminal, along with Moolah’s pursuit of useful integrations, opens you up to just such an ecosystem.

Is it flexible?

The rate of technical advances everywhere is speeding up. This means that the frequency with which you need to reassess your systems is also increasing. You can see the consequences of this cycle of advancements; fraud and data breaches become more likely when businesses don’t stay abreast of these advancements and update accordingly. Luckily, good technology stays flexible to keep you from having to throw out the whole baby with the bathwater, when improvements come along. The Poynt Smart Terminal is a good example. Developers are continually adding new tools, resources, and updates to reflect the current state of things. In a word, Poynt is wildly powerful for those that need it, while enjoying the distinction of also staying supremely user-friendly for all its basics.

Is security a concern for me?

Yes. As we mentioned, the security landscape is a constantly shifting playing field, and to keep your customers safe, you need to stay compliant. Luckily, Poynt does just that by ensuring that you stay PCI compliant, no matter what type of payment your customer is using. What’s more, when you sign up with Moolah merchant account, you get much more than an account: you gain access to a wealth of resources on staying compliant and keeping your customers safe.

What information can it give me?

The way we gain information about our business—and what actionable insights that can provide us with—is the single most dramatic change to reshape technology in our current moment. “Actionable insights” for your business may include trends in sales, a better view of your inventory, more of a connection between your employee scheduling and your sales, clear ROI for a promotion—and even more. Start with a powerful POS, like the Poynt Smart Terminal, and then be sure to dive into the insights it can provide.

Questions abound when changing systems, but if you have the proper technology, like Poynt and Moolah, you’ll be able to get answers that save you time.