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The Many Benefits of Mobile POS

Standing in for the cash registers of old, a mobile Point-of-Sale, or POS, is a smartphone, tablet, or wireless device that allows you to finish transactions. This is usually carried out through an inexpensive card reader that plugs into one of the device’s ports. The best mobile POS systems do more than just process payments; they provide a revolutionary new way of processing payments to help businesses grow.

Think outside the lines

One area mobile POS shines is on the sales floor. Mobile card readers that aren’t tethered by cables can dramatically improve your customer experience. Say you operate a shoe or clothing store. The sales associates helping people find the right style or size can then seamlessly complete the transaction right where the customer is sitting, rather than having to migrate the customer over to the front counter to process payment. You can even run both a standard point of sale while also using mobile POS when possible, thus minimizing wait times. This can work especially well in a bustling bar or restaurant.

Increase your sales

The freedom a mobile POS gives your employees means that your staff can market better than ever before. Processing payments more quickly, and minimizing customer wait time means that you have the ability to serve more people. Again, the bustling restaurant provides a great example. With a mobile POS strategy, you’re looking at the ability to easily mobilize your employees to get out on the floor and sell more. Not only can you get customers in and out more quickly, allowing you to serve more people; you’ll also be able to boost customer tickets by upselling appetizers, sides, drinks and desserts. Moolah’s free iPad-ready mobile POS system makes upsells easier, with a clean visual menu. It does everything, including splitting tickets, so you can easily let customers pay and get them on their way.

It’s the little things…

In addition to big things like increased sales, a mobile POS can potentially make your life better in so many ways. You’ll be able to email receipts, thus saving on paper, and allowing greater convenience for customers. This can also help you collect customer email information, allowing you to benefit from promotions and giveaways, and even build a customer database. It’s likely that due to having a clean, easy to use interface, you’ll notice fewer errors, thus saving money and increasing customer satisfaction.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. New apps are continually being developed to make mobile point of sale even more useful for small businesses, and Moolah is there to ensure that we offer the best mobile POS system to you.