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Summer Months at the Beach: Why Mobile Payments Exist

It’s summer, and shops, sellers, and merchants on the move are likely all on full alert to get the most out of the summertime siege of the beaches. To a degree, in Southern California, it’s always a good time to go to the beach, but as you’d expect, the summer season is ON, in a big way. With people renting beach houses, tourists coming from all over the world to soak up the California sun, merchants who work down by the beach have to be ready to take full advantage of the summer season, because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

One distinguishing feature of the recent summers has been the adoption of the best mobile POS systems, even by those selling inexpensive treats and wares. To the traditionalist, it may sound strange to pay for a Hawaiian shaved ice, or a hot dog, with a card. I mean, it’s like 2 dollars; still, the public perception, and their desire to pay for seaside purchases with something other than soggy dollar bills, is moving quickly and irrevocably. Vendors who want to stay competitive will have to do the same.

The reason the beach is the perfect cashless environment is that beach wear and its lack of pockets makes it tough to keep cash, or even a card, in order to pay for those impulse buys. And as anyone who has lost a card at the beach will tell you, it’s a pain and a liability to keep your valuables safe.

Still, no matter the struggles involved, the same is somehow not true for smartphones. The beach is prime Instagram time, and phones are about as necessary as sunscreen for a successful trip to the beach. The implications are big for merchants who sell at the seaside, as NFC payments like Apple Pay and the like are gaining exponentially in adoption. There can be no better payment scenario for this type of payment than the beach.

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Don’t worry if you’ve waited to accept payments other than cash. If you have an ice cream cart, or if you sell trinkets, or anything, it’s the perfect time to branch out. In a sense, if you’ve waited till now, you are now able to skip the clunky traditional bank-centered card readers you might have in mind, which did cost you an arm and a leg to operate for small transactions. Moolah can help get you set up with one of the best mobile POS systems on the market, such as Poynt, which can accept NFC payments like Apple Pay. Moolah is there for you, with great, competitive rates, even for smaller transactions, and access to the payment technology that will open your business up to a generation of cashless—and even cardless—consumers.