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Small Business, Big Goals. Your POS Can Help…

A small business, when it starts out, has so much to do. In the early stages of a business, an owner can literally make hundreds of decisions per day, many of them substantial and important. In this cloud of decision making, it can be assumed that a certain degree of planning goes on—but when so much needs to be done—everything from designing your store front to picking the best credit card processor for small businesses, how best to organize these goals into a list of logical actions?

Short, mid, and long term

One useful way of imposing order on the alphabet soup of needs and wants that are your goals is to think about your timeframe for the goals. A good way to accomplish this is by focusing your goals into three categories: your short-term goals, your mid-term goals, and your long-term goals.

  • Short-term: While these could be anything—based on what needs to be done, overall, it’s likely that these goals gravitate toward the overarching category of sales and cash flow. In the short term, you need to focus on the life blood of your company. A good credit card processor fits in here by allowing you to accept payments, and get the funds in your account faster. It’s essential for maintaining a stable cash flow.
  • Mid-term: Intermediate goals, roughly 6 months out, should allow you to zoom out a bit, and will generally focus on operations, and ways to streamline your processes, ensuring that your business is growing into everything you want it to become. Things like employee management and clocking in and out can be way simpler with a cloud-based solution that fits in with your POS.
  • Long-term: Finally, in the long-term, you’ll tend to look beyond the present success of the store, making goals for the long-term establishment. This could be growth-centered, such as expansion into new markets and areas, or it could mean expanding the cultural impact of your store through new offerings or events that don’t necessarily have to do with sales and cash flow. When those new locations do come, it’s essential to be able to see a bird’s eye view of it all, and a cloud-based POS is pretty much the only way to do that sanely.

Running its way through all these various plans and goals should be your point of sale. The ease and simplicity that comes from having a system that works can’t be overemphasized. To plan and make goals in a unified way, the level of connection that cloud-based solutions can offer, along with the amount of time they save, is huge. So if finding the best credit card processor for small businesses is in your short-term goals, see what Moolah can offer you.