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Signatures & Payments: Solving the Disconnect.

Humans shouldn’t be this way but we are. A customer signs a purchase agreement for something. All that’s left is to collect payments for the deal to be finalized. Then the annoying part happens. You send the invoice. You wait. You send a payment reminder email. You wait some more. For whatever reason, humans are hard-wired to part with their money only when they absolutely have to, and sadly the definition of this “have to” can be different for the business owner, and the customer. A recent survey from DocuSign found that over 65% of businesses suffer from this very thing: delays in payment or even failure to collect altogether.

Even the best credit card processing company can only do so much to address this disconnect—at least without the help of integrations. The folks over at DocuSign have come to address this very issue by allowing businesses to close this gap between signed agreement and payment—by integrating the two into the same action! DocuSign Payments integrates with Authorize.Net, (which is the very payment processor we use here at Moolah) allowing you to simply and easily connect the two services, and therefore get paid on time!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Go through the one-time setup to link your existing DocuSign account and your Authorize.Net account.
  2. Just drag and drop the “payments” request into your agreement
  3. Add any additional payment request details
  4. Send it!

The signer is able to securely review the agreement, add any necessary information, then electronically sign the agreement. Because Authorize.Net is integrated, they are then able to pay securely with a debit or credit card.

Points to consider

With payments, there are things to consider to ensure that your payment schedule follows its course. This is especially true if the nature of your work is that you accept more payments than one; you may accept a deposit, then balance; or you may accept payments for large services in two or three parts. In these cases,

Securing cash flow is one of the most essential ways to keep your business profitable. It was found by DocuSign that 20% of businesses spend more than 10 hours per week chasing payments. That’s 10 hours less lead generation, research and development, and making customers feel valued! The time you’ll save also adds up tremendously. This is the benefit of going with the best credit card processing company: you benefit from their integrations. Eliminate the endless follow-ups, and spend your valuable time improving your business.