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Shopping for A Credit Card Processor? You May Also Be Shopping for A Better Accounting Solution…

It’s high tax season, which means you may be struggling through your traditional record-keeping methods. You may also have finished filing, but still have a bad taste in your mouth, and a resolution to keep better, cleaner records this year.

More and more, the answer to such business questions is, “it’s in the cloud.” Accounting is no different. While Moolah itself offers credit card processing for small businesses and does not offer accounting software, we do integrate with some of the best cloud-based accounting solutions out there. If you have recently signed up for a dedicated merchant account with Moolah, or if you’re in the process of considering it, it may also be the perfect time to make good on your promise to yourself to do things better.

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting solution that was designed to be the perfect fit for small businesses. That’s because it is simple, it automates the tasks that you like least related to accounting and taxes, and it gives you powerful tools to track your expenses.

Expense Tracking

For most businesses, expense tracking through the old methods was a huge, ongoing task you were never totally sure that you got right. You’d save receipts, but if you have even the smallest procrastinator’s bone in your body, you put off the organization of these receipts till the absolute last minute (or had a very patient tax person).

Still, expense tracking is a crucial part of tax prep to get right, as you can be walking away from money on the table if you do it in a half-throttle way. With FreshBooks expense tracking, you are able to see it all in one place. Did you know that in the event of an audit you may have to produce the original documentation of your purchase? FreshBooks delivers the option


When you have up-to-date-info on your costs, combined with incoming cash, you have the full picture of your cash flow. With full integration with Moolah, you can arm yourself with account info, so that you know precisely what your cash flow situation is at any given time. By automating info and making it fully accessible, you are able to put your energy into other avenues of growing your business. Moolah’s simple solution for credit card processing for small businesses works seamlessly into this. So why wait? Two seamlessly integrated solutions are better than one.