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The Secret Sauce: Moolah Makes Sense for Restaurants.

Previously, restaurants were able to get by with a “Cash Only” policy. Especially if the restaurant enjoyed a good amount of traffic, it made sense to forget about all the fees and responsibilities of accepting credit cards. However, with research showing how much better business can be with cards, it’s pretty safe to say that card-free days are all but dead and gone. Credit card processing for small businesses has become essential, and having a robust, functional, and secure payment processing solution can be the secret sauce to a restaurant’s success. With all the perks of a Moolah merchant account, it makes sense for restaurants to get cooking.

Don’t pay more than you have to

When looking at payment providers, a top concern for most restaurant owners is the bottom line. However, the payment industry can be a bit overwhelming. Depending on the processor, ancillary fees can really start to add up. Line items such as batch fees, statement fees, PCI compliance fees, IRS reporting fees and customer service fees are sometimes built into solutions to increase profit margins, at the expense of yours.

At Moolah, we make things as simple and transparent as possible. We’re a subscription-based service, which means you pay monthly, and aren’t locked into anything. At 2.69% + $0.29, with a minimum monthly charge of $19.95, our rates are incredibly competitive, and best of all, there are no setup or termination fees. On top of this, the variety of no-cost partnerships, like our included DataGuardian membership or free Poynt terminal, mean you’ll really start to feel like you’re saving money!

The interface makes an impression!

For restaurants where customers interact with the POS, the interface can either leave customers with a positive, or negative view of your establishment. Moolah’s partnership with Poynt means that restaurants can get the best POS terminal on the market—for free! The ergonomic design, complete with screen for merchant and customer, makes for a smooth transaction every time.

Will people come back to your restaurant because of a great POS experience? Probably not. But it’s never a bad idea to make things as simple and stress-free as possible with a quality POS solution.

A merchant account that allows you to be yourself.

A merchant account shouldn’t limit what you’re capable of doing. Maybe you’re a brick and mortar, maybe you’re a food truck, maybe you’re a tent at the local farmer’s market—and maybe you’re all three! With Moolah, you can have the solution that matches your needs. No matter whether you’re swiping, keying in, or keeping track of cash payments in the same place, Moolah makes it happen, and offers the same low rate, no matter what type of transaction it is.

At Moolah, we understand that no two restaurants are the same. Despite this, we also know that restaurant owners have a few things in common, such as a love for individuality, and need for low fees. Make credit card processing for your small business simple, cool, and inexpensive with Moolah.