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Saving Time As a Small Business Owner

No matter what your small business does, one thing you share with other small business owners is a lack of time. Big companies can afford a big team of people, but when you’re small and local, you often find yourself in the middle of a task you never thought you’d be doing. While this is normal to a degree, it’s always a useful goal to put your foot down and eliminate those time sucking tasks and habits that are eating at your productivity. Remember: first and foremost you need to serve your customers.

At Moolah, we know small businesses, and we work tirelessly to be the best credit card processing company available for them. Based on our experience, here are some examples of some great time saving strategies:

Be Present

It’s a very common feeling to be weighed down by emails and communications from various channels in your business, as well as all those other “fires” that need to be put out on a daily basis. Keep in mind that the two most important people in your business are your customers and your employees—everyone else can wait. If adequately supporting and training employees and giving your customers great service is getting sidelined, you need to realign your schedule. Maybe assigning someone to help out with communications can free you up to dedicate enough time to making your business great. Nothing is more important than that.


If your business grew up organically from a one or two person operation, it can be something of a challenge to finally let go of some of the tasks you’re used to doing—especially if they’re important. Growth, however, necessitates this. There always comes a point when you can’t do it all on your own. Scary thought? The remedy to that fear is a good hiring process to make sure you start out with someone you can trust; from there, if you properly train the team member, you’ll be in a good position to free your schedule up to do the more important things.

Administrative Tasks: The Future is Now

Maybe you can recall, a few years ago, printing 100 invoices a month and personally licking and stamping each one. Maybe you’re still licking those envelopes! There are so many time saving tech solutions out there that, if you’re still doing things the “old fashioned way,” you’ll be shocked at just how much time you could save by putting in the effort to finding the right automations for you and your team.

Where to begin? If you start with automations for payments and invoicing, it’s likely that you’ll save a lot of time. Moolah aims to be the best credit card processing company by not only offering great rates and services, but also being a resource for new businesses who are looking for time-saving integrations. We have partnerships with tons of apps, which can make everything from bookkeeping and tax time, to inventory and shipments easier. Moolah may be your ticket to less wasted time, better productivity, and of course, better card processing for your business.