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Retail Reimagined: Small Business Trends Happening Now

Looking into the crystal ball for what to expect in the coming year is tempting, but in addition to being impossible, it may not be necessary. If you’re looking at making a change to your credit card processing for small business, here are a few points of interest to consider, to ensure that you get the most out of the trends happening now.

Experiences matter.

In the previous decades, a shiny new gadget could practically sell itself. Millennials and Gen Z have begun to typify a change in values away from standard materialism, and this is beginning to be picked up on in the ways certain store emphasize experience over the objects being sold. What does that mean for your store? The possibilities are endless. For example, rather than offering cheap plastic impulse buys, you could offer coffee, which will make people want to “experience” your store rather than simply buying and getting out. Your store can also host events that tie what you sell into everyday life. Experiences like “makeover day” or free live music on Saturday morning have a greater chance of making your retail environment an experience, which has a great chance of translating into more sales.

Efficient Ads.

Social media is continuing to dominate the marketing landscape, with one study showing that about 55% of consumers report of buying a new product due to discovering it on social media. Largely, this is due to the micro adjustments that can be made, for who you’re targeting, and how. Added control means more efficient marketing, which means you’ll be maximizing your marketing dollar.

Selling To everyone.

This point may not be relevant for everyone, but vendors that make the leap to selling their products and services to businesses stand to benefit greatly Businesses actually generate more than three times what B2C sales generate in eCommerce sales. Selling more efficiently to businesses can offer massive rewards, but it also takes a bit of proactive work to ensure that you are able to meet their needs. If you can cater to business orders, you’ll need to ensure that your payment processing is up to snuff, including a trustworthy payment gateway. Moolah uses Authorize.Net to ensure that payment processing meets the standards of B2B clients.

There are countless other ways to make sure that your business is following, and not fighting, the flow of progress. Not neglecting mobile sales, is one thing. Making sure you are suited up with the best credit card processing for small business is another. Get in touch with Moolah today.