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Putting Your Point of Sale in the Cloud

Take a look around your shop (or take a mental glance at your inventory, or the services you offer). Those companies that have been around for the past 10 or 15 years probably won’t be able to mention too many drastic changes to the products or services that stands at the heart of their business. Technological advancements, new products, and new ways of doing things come along, but for the most part, change is gradual.

The same can’t be said for a crucial part of your business, which has experienced, turbulent, meteoric change over the past 15 years: the way you accept payments. As the changes continue, one relatively novel yet seismic shift in tech is the advent and spread of cloud-based technologies, which have had a big effect on payments. The way we pay has changed in quite a few ways, including the hardware we use. Still, the shift away from operating systems and to the cloud have made for an explosion of creative innovation in the areas of data, systems, and apps, with expanded functionalities, and more powerful data crunching abilities becoming attainable for even the smallest of small businesses.

In all the excitement, the point of sale, the physical terminal where payments happen, is now becoming so much more than an updated cash register—cloud technology is progressively transforming it into the brain of your business.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening out there thanks to the cloud.

Enhanced functionality, regardless of operating system:

Not only does a cloud-based POS open businesses and their customers up to a whole world of simplicity when accepting payments. Once your business has a modern mobile POS, like the Poynt terminal, you will be able to do things you simply couldn’t before, like easily start up a loyalty program (and monitor the benefits!), manage inventory smarter, have a working CRM, and much more.

Ease and Efficiency.

New solutions, in the form of apps, present themselves exponentially faster than before the advent of the cloud. The defining word for these solutions is flexibility, specifically in how these solutions integrate. Does your payroll solution talk to your Inventory solution? Does your CRM talk to the program that offers promotions? We’re asking questions that we simply couldn’t before, and it’s thanks to the flexible integrations that have come to characterize contemporary POS software.

Agile Development leading to a bright future.

What’s more, data visibility and ease of programming means the possibilities are, if not endless, exponentially expanding, as both businesses and programmers continue to collaborate to make new possibilities and more robust tools for small businesses.

Poynt, one of the most versatile mobile POS systems out there, is the hardware of choice for Moolah precisely because it embraces this culture of collaboration and integration. With a huge array of apps, and new ones being developed and improved upon all the time, it embodies the best of the possibilities that are presented by cloud-based advancements in payments. Where’s your business headed? With the innovations available through a Poynt terminal and Moolah, the answer is further.