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Moolah + WodTogether: Better, Faster, Stronger Payment Processing and Gym Management

Running a gym comes with its own set of needs and challenges. Previously, if you owned a gym and wanted to benefit from management software, most of your options relied heavily on a ton of 3rd-party integrations to get you all the features you needed. This not only meant that your systems were crowded and complicated, but also that you were paying more too! WODTogether has decided to change that.

WODTogether has made it their mission to be a one-stop shop for gyms who want to benefit from a software solution. Designed by cross-fit gym owners, the platform puts everything at your fingertips, making it the most inclusive, intuitive, best-in-class solution available for owners of cross fit and traditional gyms. Moolah has now partnered with WODTogether to make the power of the best credit card processing company available to those who want to benefit from WODTogether’s powerful software.

Because Moolah is powered by Authorize.net, your Moolah solution is totally integrated within the WODTogether software, giving your gym the sleek and seamless solution you’re after. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of WODTogether:

Workout Tracking

WodTogether is simply the best in class when it comes to workout monitoring solutions for gyms. Whiteboards make it really simple to log all results for a given day. For cross fit gyms, performance logging like WODTogether just can’t be found elsewhere. Powerful customizable reports make life simpler for your gym members, trainers, and you.

Membership Management & Scheduling

WODTogether lets you easily track who’s coming and how often. It also takes the headaches out of reporting, which makes your gym look super-professional to your members. There are also great retention tools that will keep people coming to the gym. An easy kiosk mode lets athletes check themselves into class, and the system makes it easy to track your coaches’ hours. You’ll be surprised at how much time and effort is saved.

Integrated Payment

Here’s where Moolah and WODTogether shine: Get all the benefits from automated, recurring billing, proactive resolution of failed payments, and of course, Moolah’s simple flat rate pricing. You don’t have to wonder about who has or hasn’t paid – you get comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports, and the ability to track payments online or offline. Your customers will love how easy it is to set up recurring payments, give refunds, track payments by cash or check, prorate membership payments, and a host of other intuitive solutions.

If your gym has been looking for a new payment processing solution or better management tools, this partnership is great news. Finally, the best gym management software and the best credit card processing company are working together—because payment processing shouldn’t be part of the workout!