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Moolah: The Best Way to Sign Up With Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is an industry-leading payment gateway. How can your business best use it to solve your payment needs? The answer, surprisingly, might be Moolah. As an ecosystem of unique tools for businesses, including the Poynt Smart Terminal, you get more, more easily, with Moolah.

First off, it should be noted that Authorize.Net is not a credit card processor: it’s a payment gateway. That means they don’t provide the services of processing credit card transactions—Moolah does that. Still, if you aim to be an online seller, Authorize.Net is one of the most trusted ways to get your shop up and working. Over the years, they’ve also cultivated a reputation as one of the easiest solutions to work with. In addition to easy processing, Authorize.Net will also make it easier for your company to be PCI compliant.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that they’d be a top choice for your payment solution. Here’s why you might want to call Moolah as a first step to getting you hooked up:

Full Service

Signing up with Authorize.Net covers you for online purchases, but you’d still need additional hardware and merchant services if you want to process in-person transactions as well. For merchants planning to do both online sales and physical purchases, signing up with Moolah means you get outstanding credit card processing, underpinned by the security of Authorize.Net’s payment gateway services. You’ll be able to do more by leveraging the capabilities of both.

Even Hardware!?

Hardware decisions can be a headache, because it seems like so many companies go about it differently, making it a challenge to compare apples to apples; not so if you go the Moolah route. A dedicated merchant account from Moolah solves the problem of processing, from a software and hardware perspective, because you get access to one of the best POS terminals out there: the Poynt Smart Terminal. Snatching up the Poynt POS through Moolah means that you get this tech for free, saving you the roughly $399 sticker price of the Smart terminal.

It’s cheaper too

What’s more, signing up with Moolah gets you all the benefits of Authorize, for free. Whereas normally, you’d have to pay a monthly fee of $25, plus a $0.10 per-transaction fee, your fees are covered by Moolah’s competitive standard fee of 2.69% + $0.29 per transaction.

With all this in mind, you may want to think twice about signing up for Authorize.Net as a stand-alone payment gateway service. The Moolah approach, where you get everything you need to accept a range of payment types, may be a better match for your needs, especially if you plan to grow your business. You’ll gain access to more tools for your business’s success, and benefit from an ecosystem of tools, like the Poynt Smart Terminal, which can solve issues that go beyond payments.