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Moolah Goes Dental: Partnering with Dental Success Network

Moolah is pleased to announce a partnership with a unique service provider: Dental Success Network. We’re more than thrilled for the exciting opportunity to make the process of accepting credit cards for small business dental offices a more intuitive process.

There’s a lot to DSN, and it’s all meant to improve the work environment in just the way that dental offices need. Here are a few points that make the platform such an attractive solution to small-practice dentists.

Dental Success Network is a comprehensive platform-based solution that seeks to leverage better relationships in a wide variety of ways, enabling private practices to strengthen over time. Some of the main values in going with Dental Success Network is the variety of ways that they make mentorship and education more accessible. DSN offers real-time collaboration in the form of message boards where you can post your questions and get real feedback from the private circle of dental professionals. In addition, DSN offers a wide range of in-person continuing education events at a discount, which saves money while satisfying the growth needs for dentists and staff. The other main benefit is access to their cultivated network of vendors, offering small practices vendor relations that promise trustworthy connections, and substantial discounts. It’s a paid service that solves many of the main issues that hold practices back, and it can all be summarized in the words “Education,” and “Relationships”.

Dental Payment Simplified

Moolah is happy to climb on board with Dental Success Network, to offer dental offices a uniquely tailored payment solution to make accepting credit cards a breeze. DSN is a great forum for informally learning the ins and outs of operating a small practice. Moolah operates in line with these values by being personal, easy to get a hold of, and helpful for anything that clients need while setting up their payment solution.

A central value for Moolah is flexibility. With Moolah, you get a free Poynt Smart Terminal, one of the most versatile point of sale solutions out there. Why be versatile? Because not every business has the same needs and considerations. The point of sale software that works for a coffee shop may not be the best solution for a dentist’s office, and that’s why Poynt’s ability to use a variety of software, while using it on Poynt’s award-winning hardware, makes it a great choice.

In our contemporary tech-heavy environment, being connected is everything. Luckily for small dental practices, this is exactly what DSN offers: connections to powerful and convenient sources for education, and connections to great vendors like Moolah, which can make accepting credit cards for their small business a thing of simplicity and beauty.