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Make Your Checkout Process Extraordinary

For a lot of business owners, your store is your place to make yourself known. And it’s more than what you sell; the ‘how’ you sell, from the layout of the store, to the checkout experience is all an expression of what you want your customers to feel like from shopping with you. That’s why, increasingly, not just any credit card terminal will do. As consumer perception continues to shift and adapt to the myriad options out there, your older credit card processing terminal may start to hold you back. if the customer perception of your business matters in the least, embrace the fact that you can do better than basic. A Poynt POS does way better than basic. It’s the perfect balance between cutting edge and stylish on one end and simple and approachable on the other.

It’s About Style, But Not Just

“So big deal,” the scoffers will likely scoff. How different can it really be to use? Do I really need that additional screen? Does style really matter when it comes to paying for something? The answer to these questions, and the reason that the Poynt POS is actually better for your business starts with style and customer perception. Yes, the unit is compact and looks good on your sales counter, but these surface-level differences are just the beginning.

Like any new technology or process, looking good is one thing, but actually making sense from a user standpoint is what determines if it will be used. For example, if paying with Apple Pay takes longer than it usually does to just pay with a debit card, or if machine readers often have troubles picking up the signal, then people will be less inclined to adopt the new technology. The Poynt Smart terminal makes a transaction smoother and easier for your customer in a number of ways. On a physical level, going through the payment couldn’t be easier, and will be a noticeable improvement from POS solutions that just repurpose an iPad for accepting payments. But in addition to this, the technology used offers simpler, time-saving functionalities, and unbeatable simplicity for accepting a variety of payment types.

In essence, a Poynt POS enables you to raise your customer experience, and express your business with a purchase experience that is savvy and straight-forward, just like your business. And if you needed any other reason to consider getting a Poynt terminal, Moolah will give you one for free, just for signing up for a merchant account with us. It’s the perfect time to make a switch.