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Integrated Payments Are a Business Boon

Using integrated payments can really help your business. Integrated payments increase efficiency and allow you to keep track of all your transactions in one place. What’s more, integrated payments can save you money. Transactions come with a cost. Some more than others. Paper-based payments, involving invoices and checks, can be especially costly. Even if most of your transactions are electronic, however, you will likely benefit from cutting costs by using integrated payments.

Save Money

Using integrated payments saves your business money. Being able to better keep track of all your payments in one place reduces employee hours spent on monitoring, tracking, and reporting your transactions, which ultimately cuts your costs and saves you money. You’re sharing the data that is generated by your transitions across all the processes in your business that benefit from that data.

Improve Accuracy

Using integrated payments improves accuracy by reducing chances for human error. They can prevent you from redundant entries, calculation mistakes, and misplaced invoices. Not only will this make running your business easier, but it will help you further cut costs and save money.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Integrated payments can help you better keep track of where your money is going. If you are not using an integrated payment system, you likely have to look at accounting, processing, and marketing all separately. But with integrated payments, it is much easier to view them together and monitor your finances. This can save you time and simplify your job.

Better Marketing

Integrating your payment system can help you gain information. It can allow you to more easily monitor how different products are selling, and how different customers are buying. This information can be used to inform your marketing and help you promote products and ultimately better reach customers, which can, in turn, help your business.

Make Taxes Easier

Using integrated payments simplifies doing taxes. With integrated payments, you no longer have to look around for receipts or invoices. Integrated payments make reporting centralized and accounting automatic. With integrated payments, you will have a clear record of every transaction you have had over the year, which you can then easily put into your tax information.

Integrated Payments for You

There are many reasons to consider using integrated payments. Nowadays, there is more and more software available to help businesses keep track of their payments and streamline transactions, and go way beyond, with new software being added all the time to help minimize repetitive tasks. At Moolah we provide the Poynt POS to our customers free of charge. The Poynt POS contains both the hardware and software that you need to enjoy the benefits of using integrated payments. Take hold of your future and reach out to Moolah for your payment processing needs today. You’ll thank yourself for it.