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In eCommerce, the Product Page Reigns Supreme

Simply put, the product page is the most important page of your website. You can have a brilliant marketing infrastructure set up, but if people arrive at your product page only to be underwhelmed, then your efforts will be held back. Be sure that, while looking around for the best credit card processing company, You put some thought into what goes into the best possible product page for your eCommerce site.


You’ll need two types of images—the featured image, which greets your visitor, but also a selection of additional images that ensures your customer can familiarize themselves with the product. It’s crucial to have the best, highest quality pictures possible to engage and sell. The customer won’t be able to fill in the gaps if there is something that isn’t fully represented about your product—the moment they aren’t fully engaged, they’ll just go somewhere else.


Great content is both informative and psychological. It must be crystal-clear, to give all the necessary info a customer may need to make a final decision. At the same time, it must be optimized to entice. If that weren’t enough to worry about, it needs to also be SEO optimized. Sound like a herculean task? It’s not—but it does take time. A good place to start is to look at your competitors to identify keywords—and to establish a baseline to make your pages better.


Upsell—where you offer a better option that may pique interest, and cross-sell—where you enable the customer to easily add to the purchase that they are putting together (you’re buying shoes; might I interest you in socks?) Isn’t just good business practice. It vibes with the innately human tendency to synthesize information and options. It makes most shoppers comfortable to have choices beyond the immediate item in front of them. That’s why grocery stores aren’t arranged alphabetically. People buy more when you show them what else they might be thinking at that moment. Make sure your product page can do the same, and you’ll see your AOV (average order value) rise.

The Human Element

While it’s true that many of us like to shop in peace without much intervention, shoppers are human, and need a human lifeline. This comes in two forms: social proof, which is reviews and ratings from the public, and an option to easily reach out to customer service. First off, building trust through real reviews builds intention to buy. This extends out into the world of social media, too.

It’s good to have a clear way for the customer to reach answers. Part of this can be done with a nice, clear, and well-thought-out FAQ page. In the end, though, a chat option, or closely managed messaging function will probably be necessary to get people the answers they are looking for

If this seems like a lot to manage at once, it’s because it is. A little assistance, however, can go a long way. Big Commerce is a great way to get help designing your ideal eCommerce site, including product pages that are effective and professional. Better still, Moolah integrates easily with Big Commerce, ensuring that what happens after conversion is as seamless and effective as everything that came before. Because we think having the best credit card processing company means having the right tools for your page, and business, to succeed.