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How to Stop eCommerce Drop-Off

When a customer is browsing on your website, it’s important to remember that the sale isn’t final till the payment is processed. There is a sizeable group of visitors to your website, who click BUY, but somehow never make it to payment. This all boils down to one principle: the more barriers that are in place for the consumer between spotting an item on your website and order confirmation, the more likely you’ll have would-have-been customers drop off.

Part of this drop-off is somewhat natural; think of it as just the e-commerce version of window shopping. That doesn’t, however, mean these in-limbo customers should be ignored. If they’ve shown interest, we must do everything possible to ensure that interest flowers into a sale. This is where effort from you can make a difference in their decisions. What’s more, some very avoidable issues can reduce the chance that a minor annoyance pushes your customer away. This includes, among other things, getting the best credit card processing company for eCommerce.

A recent poll conducted by Baymard Institute give a little concrete insight into the states of mind of these quasi-customers:

  • Extra costs too high (60%)
  • The site wanted me to create an account (37%)
  • Too long / complicated checkout process (28%)
  • I couldn’t see / calculate total order cost up-front (23%)
  • Website had errors / crashed (20%)
  • I didn’t trust the site with my credit card information (19%)

A number of these are easy to address with simple, practical actions.

Have a Guest Checkout Feature

The second-highest complaint was that the customer was required to make an account—but didn’t want to. There is a sizeable demographic that will abandon an order simply because they don’t like to be forced to do something. The simple solution? Give them the option. Be sure that your payment gateway has a simpler guest checkout feature. Winning a possible return customer is not as important as ensuring that first-time experience is simple and frustration-free.

Show that You’re Secure

About one-fifth of conversions were lost to lack of trust in the website’s security—and in the environment we currently live in, who can blame them? Having the ability to instill trust in your site is key. Thankfully, Moolah makes it simple. With our dedicated processor Authorize.Net processing all payments, you are able to include their Verified Merchant seal on your website, which can do much to eliminate any doubts about the security of your site’s payments.

Don’t forget about Mobile!

As the share of e-commerce purchases completed by mobile tick upward each year, it’s no longer an option to leave the mobile version of your payment systems as an afterthought. It may be that a decent amount of that 20% of respondents who abandoned their purchase because of tech issues might have done se due to mobile-related problems. The solution? If you use a provider for your payment gateway, make sure that their mobile experience is as robust as their desktop. Where development is concerned, go mobile-first, and ensure that the full mobile experience is without bugs.

A lot can be done to ensure that your potential customer feels comfortable and confident enough to follow through with a purchase. Having the best credit card processing company is a good start to making the payment experience wonderful (or at least not annoying). It’s important to do, because with the ever-growing number of players out there in eCommerce, if your purchase experience isn’t adequate, it’s likely customers can find a competitor’s whose is.