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How Important is Ergonomics for Your POS

Depending on what type of business you’re running, ergonomics can make a huge difference in your cashier’s work flow. If you run a small boutique that processes just a few dozen transactions per day, the stakes are relatively low. But a food truck or restaurant that handles lunch time rushes can be seriously hindered by the hardware that it uses at the front counter. What makes an ergonomic point of sale device, and how can it help your business?

Size DOES matter…

When your counter space is limited, you want your point of sale to be big enough to be useable, but not so big as to take up extra space. Giant cash drawers, massive swiveling screens, keypads, and cables can all contribute to a cramped point of sale. The Poynt Smart Terminal differentiates itself by being fully integrated, full of functionality, but also small and handsome. This makes the actions that the cashier and customer undertake supremely easy. Take the business of signing. The Poynt Smart Terminal need only stay on the desk, while the cashier processes the transaction on their screen, and when it comes time to sign, the customer simply does it on the separate customer-facing screen. Not only does Poynt take up less real estate, but you have less to move to complete a transaction. Now that’s an ergonomic win.

No Wires

On the other hand, ergonomics is not limited to the way that something fits in your hand. The mass of wires that used to be necessary to process payments is now luckily a thing of the past. Poynt has wifi and Bluetooth connectivity to process your everything wirelessly. It even functions on a rechargeable battery, so your associates can go to the customer to complete transactions, if you like. Sometimes wifi issues arise. Obviously, you don’t have time to pause your business transactions to figure it out. Poynt has an offline processing mode, where you can store and forward transactions to be processed.

Get Integrated

There’s nothing less ergonomic than having to log in and out of a range of software for your daily operations. Poynt was designed to work around apps, just like a smart phone, meaning your software can talk to each other better with Poynt. Also, for ergonomic reasons, different point of sale software may work better for particular businesses. With this in mind, Poynt has kept its functionality open, meaning if you don’t like the Poynt POS software, you can easily run your favorite POS application. It’s more ergonomic to be open.

There’s no doubt that an all-in-one point of sale system can be a life saver for your daily operations. Still, it’s also important to think about how that machine fits into your checkout experience. With Poynt POS, you don’t have to choose between a system that does it all, and a system that’s really small. You’ll benefit from the Poynt Smart Terminal’s wide range of functionalities and integrations, and at the same time, your customers and staff will be able to get through transactions with ease. That’s what ergonomics is all about.