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Getting the Upper-Hand with Mobile POS

If you sell your products or services on the go, you’ve undoubtedly heard what makes mobile POS so exciting. If you’re looking for the best mobile POS system, you’ll need to consider more than just its portability. Here are some other benefits to going mobile.

Bringing value to your customer—wherever they are.

One word that commonly gets employed for describing small business owners is flexible, and that typically explains the average sales strategy of many SMBs. From brick-and-mortar, to eCommerce, to the ever-important trade show, craft fair, or farmer’s market, mobile POS is being redefined as an essential capability in the lives of companies that sell both at home, and on the go. Still, you want your POS to make a good impression. The Poynt Smart Terminal is uniquely designed to give just such an impression. The ergonomic design, dual screens for attendant and customer, and overall stylishness of the Poynt system makes for a definite improvement over the little square thing that’s plugged into the iPhone jack…

Share Information Across the Business

One of the great innovations that come with mobile POS is the ability to get at your store’s data with efficiency and even flare. With cloud-based data storage, you or anyone in your organization can access and compare data, say, from branch-to-branch, or over time, from year-to-year. Poynt’s Dashboard, Poynt HQ, can be accessed anywhere via mobile, allowing you to see transactions and settlements in real-time.

Increase your AOV

AOV, or Average Order Value, is a metric that can be used to gauge profitability, and the number-one way for a store to increase this is by upping your cross-sell game. This can be done in a variety of ways, in both eCommerce and physical locations. The layout of the sales floor has always been the number-one medium for store owners to flex their creativity, in the hopes of cross-selling. When you incorporate the convenience of a mobile POS, such as the point Smart Terminal, you can do even more. Because Poynt is mobile, you can process payments wherever your customer is in the store, allowing you to interact with the customer more comfortably, with less rush, because they don’t feel the discomfort and pressure of being at the sales counter, with customers waiting behind them. Cross selling on the sales floor, with products around them, your sales associates can better interact with customers on a human level.

Moolah, when looking to partner with the best mobile POS system, saw these reasons and more as the reason to partner with Poynt, and offer a free—yes, free—Smart Terminal to customers who sign up for a merchant account with us. If these reasons make sense to your company, reach out to Moolah today.