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Getting the Most from Moolah: QuickBooks is also Compatible!

At Moolah, we like it when things just work, as it takes a lot of stress out of our busy lives. One thing that makes Moolah one of the best credit card processing companies out there is that we are powered by Authorize.Net. And while there are a ton of benefits that make Authorize.Net and Moolah, amazing, like fraud detection and great customer support, one of the greatest things is that we are compatible. Enter Quickbooks!

As most know, QuickBooks makes keeping books and tax time much easier. If you’ve already been using QuickBooks, as many small businesses do, integrating a Moolah merchant account couldn’t be easier. It’s one of the most widely used accounting software options for small businesses, and has been around forever. The cloud-based QuickBooks Online has also really taken off since around 2013.

So what is the benefit of using both Moolah, your merchant account, and QuickBooks, your accounting software, as an integrated whole? There are a few:

No Manual Data Entry

If you’re like most people, straightforward data entry is something that causes beads of cold sweat to run down your forehead. It’s painful, and the more of it you do, the more likely costly errors become. Luckily with Moolah integration, your sales, fees, taxes, tips, and discounts—everything—can be set up to automatically import into QuickBooks, saving you the hassle and the risk. You can even set it up to do it overnight, while you’re sleeping.

Invoices Are a Snap

Need to make invoices? Whenever you make a sale, all of the details for your transaction can easily be captured and auto-populated for super-simple invoice creation. The only way it would be easier is if Quickbooks could also mail them for you.

Quick and Simple Setup

Once you set up your Authorize.Net account, setting up the QuickBooks integration is easy and quick. It just takes a one-time configuration. If you have unique needs for your business it can be customized without much effort. And of course, you’re never too far away from Moolah and Authorize.Net’s great customer service when you need it.

In the grand scheme, QuickBooks integration isn’t rocket science. But it, along with all the other integrations that Authorize.Net and Moolah allow, means things just work a little easier with Moolah. And that means less stress for all of us.