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Get Your Business’s Head in the Clouds

By now the prevalence of cloud-based solutions for small businesses, and the relative ease of switching over to them makes it a ringer for practically anyone. A cloud-ready point-of-sale, such as the Poynt Smart Terminal, comfortably opens your business up to a range of benefits many beyond the mere reach of payments.


Disruption is the buzzword in tech circles (at least it was a few years ago). As Uber continues to offend people, and Airbnb is getting banned or otherwise regulated in some downtowns around the globe because of how toxic it can be for housing markets, it seems that disruptions have at least a little bit of limitations, which is probably a good thing.

Still, wildly innovative platforms for mobile will continue to be developed, and the payment sphere is absolutely one of the front lines in these new mobile-driven technologies. The good thing is that, as certain technologies continue to advance, it’s much easier to upgrade to them. That’s thanks to the cloud-based software model. It can’t be claimed that we’re done with costly hardware upgrades, as anyone who had to fork out dough for an EMV hardware update can attest. But still, the trajectory is in the direction of easy upgrades. The Poynt Smart Terminal is one example of a piece of hardware that will likely do your business well for a while.

Data Access

With every action that takes place in your store, data is created. Some are certainly far more important than others (like the details of a sale, obviously); still, one of the undeniable revolutions of the cloud-based era is the collectability of data. The implications of having access to data are deep, and possibly endless… When you know enough to see trends in your customers, potential customers, your store and its products, then you are able to tinker, and make changes that can result in the best results for your store.


The Cloud has also done a great service to businesses that rely on more than one software solution: more and more, these solutions, like Quick Books for accounting, and the platform Homebase for scheduling your employees, all integrate with each other. The immediate benefit is that data entry becomes a breeze—or better yet, nonexistent—thanks to automations that carry over the data for you. If you haven’t started benefitting from integrations and automations, the cloud is waiting.

Switching over to a Poynt Smart Terminal, which we at Moolah help along by offering the hardware for free—can be a catalyst for both growth and simplicity. Go ahead and get your head in the cloud—Moolah will keep your feet on the ground.