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Get the Most From Back To School

No matter what your business sells, it’s a good idea to align yourself with the thought processes of your customers. With the winding down of summer, the start of back to school is a great time to plug in to the emotions surrounding that time. Accepting credit cards for small business is one of the most essential steps toward business success in general, but especially for areas such as seasonal promotions, as the technology that comes along with it enables you to reach your customers in powerful new ways.

How to reach out

Your marketing can get a serious boost from a back to school campaign. Email marketing is a quick and easy way to reach out to your customer lists, and exciting promotions such as back to school can be effective in bringing foot traffic to your store. MailChimp can make it very easy to accomplish this, especially when integrated with your existing CRM, which can enable you to collect customer info such as emails at the point of sale.

Your marketing campaign will likely be more effective if you sweeten the pot with a promotion. As one survey among college students found, the most effective promotion for them is a BOGO, or buy one, get one free. You don’t have to sell pencils and other school supplies to offer a back to school sale. Anything that students or parents have a chance of buying can effectively be sold with a back to school promotion.

Make sure that your hardware is ready

Accepting credit cards for small business has its own benefits, but one of the main ways signing up with a new credit card processing account supercharges your business is that it opens the flood gates to a range of new technology, both hardware and software. For example, Moolah lets you enjoy Poynt, a newer, better type of point of sale which easily integrates with a wide range of apps for your business. The last thing you want during the back to school rush is for your hardware to fail. Poynt is designed to work even if your wireless network goes down temporarily. With Poynt, Moolah, and Authorize.Net, which is the payment gateway that Moolah uses, you can also be sure that your customer and business data are safe and secure, with easy PCI compliance, helping your business stay up to code.

Whether back to school time is a rush for you or not, it’s an ideal opportunity for your business to strut its stuff. Are you ready for it? Get in touch with Moolah to make sure you’ve got what it takes.