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Get. New. Customers.

Looking for customers? Of course you are. The heart of your business’s growth strategy centers around getting more people through your doors. At Moolah, we try to be the best credit card processing company for our clients by thinking holistically about what can offer to help them succeed. Here are five tips to help you successfully get more customers.


Research shows that a majority of businesses tend not to ask for referrals—and also, that a majority of consumers, if asked, are happy to give them. A simple follow-up phone call can generate a lead at virtually no cost. Still, if you prefer tech assistance to the good old fashioned way, there are options out there, like Genius Referrals, that ratchet up your efforts and allow for the creation of formal campaigns. All the bells and whistles, including monitoring and integration ability, mean that practically anyone can benefit from apps like this, in addition to the good old-fashioned call.


Teaming up with other small businesses in your community is a great idea. With a little ingenuity, you can leverage customer habits for hyper-effective promotions. For example, if your restaurant is near a dessert place, team up to offer inter-store combos or discounts that benefit both of you.


Depending on your line of work, Twitter can be another useful lead generator. Simply search key terms that are relevant to what you offer. While this is unlikely to open the flood gates for new customers, it never hurts to add a tool to your arsenal. There are also apps like the cleverly titled Warbler, which can automate this searching and save you from the time-suck that Twitter can be. Twitter may also work as one touch point in a multi-touch campaign. Just remember: no one likes a spammer!

Community Presence

Think nonprofits. You can partner with local organizations in a variety of ways, such as sponsoring events, either monetarily, or better yet, by supplying your goods to them. It’s a win-win; you increase your community presence, and potential customer base, while also helping your community improve.

Make Payments Easier

Finally, you want to support your customers by making the moment of truth, the point of sale, go smoothly. It starts with accepting cards, but doesn’t end there. Getting the best credit card processing company means that you’re able to go deeper, with analytics you can use to make your company better. It means integrations with useful third-party apps that can simplify your life, and help you get more connected. It also means simpler, better service, which frees you up to do other necessary things, like getting more customers!