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Future Proof? What You Should Expect from Your POS

One phrase that has been tossed around recently for payment technologies is “future-proof”. It’s satisfying because we like to think that our investment in technology will last a lifetime, and not be displaced by the next shiny gadget. In a sense, this can only be realized to a degree. If anything, the fact is that advancements in payment technology have been radically speeding up. This means that in all likelihood, there will be a new solution, maybe even an indispensable one, coming along faster than before.

There is still reason to celebrate. Making your business future-proof may not mean that you’ll never have to buy another thing for your point of sale. Rather, when the next necessary upgrade comes along, it will be easier than ever to implement, because you don’t have to tear everything up from the roots and start over. This is already true by virtue of the general shift from hardware-based technology to software solutions. The Poynt POS shows this beautifully. It comes out of the box pre-loaded with everything you need to start accepting payments, but also enables you to implement app-based solutions for a range of other functions for your business, from inventory management to accounting. Best of all, Moolah hooks you up with a free Poynt Smart Terminal, just for signing up with us.

Small Businesses Have it Better

The irony is that a few years ago, smaller businesses had something of a barrier of entry to the type of point of sale technology that the big box retailers were able to get. This was one of the main reasons that a lot of SMBs were late to the credit card processing game: their smaller volume of transactions meant that costs for them to take debit cards were prohibitive. Things have completely changed now. Because of the high costs associated with infrastructure rebuilding and swapping out equipment on an enterprise level, deciding to update one’s point of sale is a big decision indeed. For the corner market, however, it’s a relatively quick and simple update. Most of the technology is so transparently simple that there is no need for retraining staff: the new point of sale software is likely more intuitive and much easier to use than whatever was in place before.

So whether you are looking at a completely new payment processor, new POS technology or both, it’s never been quicker or easier to get caught up, and you’ll be in a better position to stay at the forefront of the technology out there. Moolah, with the help of the Poynt Smart Terminal, makes it supremely simple for your business.