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eCommerce is Hard…BigCommerce + Moolah Give You a Boost

It may be possible that you have a knack for discounts and promotions. For most, however, it doesn’t come naturally. What’s more, initiating promotions is just the beginning; tracking the lift that those promotions provide, in order to make informed decisions about recreating those promotions, is just overwhelming to think about.

Luckily, apps are taking this burden off the already-overworked shoulders of small businesses with online stores. At Moolah, we aim to be the best credit card processing company, which often means we step outside of the payment world. Our continual efforts to team up with services that can benefit our customers has, this time, led us to an integration with discount giant BigCommerce, a service that opens up the complex world of promotions to the average small business owner.

When it comes to discounts, a common thought is, “hey, I’m already doing everything I can to compete with Amazon and the other big fish. Why would I lower my prices only to enter a price war I won’t win anyway?” Such thinking, in turn, leads many small businesses to move, strategically, towards differentiating themselves as much as possible, building brand equity and validation to target customers who are loyal and/or willing to pay full price on the brand’s own site. This is a valid and useful strategy; still, it doesn’t do justice to the fact that discount promotion is an insanely effective way to drive your customers to action, and even get inside their head.

Own The Discount

BigCommerce makes it easy for small operations to benefit from easy-to-use discounting strategies. With BigCommerce, you can make a ton of discounts and easily measure the impact of each. You can also quickly and easily turn discounts off and on, giving you ultimate control over your shopping environment.

One such super-cool promotion that works right out of the box is the abandoned cart discount. This is an effective one because it’s hyper-personalized: the potential customer has already expressed interest in the products by adding them to their cart. With just the tiniest motivation, say, 5% off the cart, you’ll be likely to get them back, and complete what they’ve already started. BigCommerce boasts of 72 such discounts and coupons available right out of the box.

Other incredibly useful features that BigCommerce puts into your hands include a discount calendar to make sure you aren’t overlapping discounts or over-promoting anything. All-in-all, BigCommerce is a one-stop shop for implementing a discount strategy that will actually move customers, and won’t cut too deeply into your profit margins. If anything, BigCommerce is full of growth driving success stories from businesses of all sizes.

Looking for solutions? Moolah aims to be the best credit card processing company, not solely for our great rates, but by getting businesses in touch with a range of helpful products and services. We’re into success for small businesses, and that’s what Moolah and BigCommerce can help you achieve.