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Does Mobile POS Make Sense for You? (Yes)

You may be wondering whether your business can benefit from adopting a mobile point of sale solution. The truth is that almost every business stands to gain from the added functionalities of smart POS units and the best mobile POS systems out there.

Juice Bars

The Benefit: don’t turn away payments!

There are a blossoming number of local juice spots, who pride themselves on being hip and fresh. At the moment, cards are the most popular form of payment, but other payment types like near-field communication (NFC) are gaining traction, to the point that some customers may begin to rely on them to the exclusion of other payment types. At hip, modern juice bars, you need to stay relevant to your younger clientele and the payments they prefer, which is why it’s important to get a mobile POS that can do it all.

Fast Casual Food

The Benefit: more ways to order!

Newer fast-casual food establishments offer local, higher quality fare that cater to a range of eaters, from couples on a date who want to linger in a hip environment, to those ordering food to go from their phone and picking it up ASAP. Having a robust and flexible payment system and order tracking system is an absolute requirement for keeping up. Poynt is such a system, offering a range of apps to fill these complex needs.

Niche Shops

The Benefit: Better Inventory Management!

No matter what you offer, from glass beads, to fine wines, to classic motorcycle parts, if you have a niche shop, or just have a complicated inventory, you need to keep track of it all with a mobile-based inventory tracking solution. Gone are the days when need to come in early to count inventory. With an app doing the heavy lifting, inventory is updated in real time, and you can even receive reminders when it’s time to reorder. That means you save hours every week, and you don’t lose sales from being out of stock!

Hardware Stores

The Benefit: Manage multiple locations better!

For regional hardware stores, with managers overseeing several locations, the best mobile POS system can save you a lot of time driving around and making check-up phone calls. See location-specific sales comparisons, making it easier to hone your promotion game through A / B testing new promotions at different stores. The level of accuracy and real-time data allows managers to make better managing decisions.

Boutiques and Tradeshows

The Benefit: Mobility!

Yes, with a mobile POS, you can truly take your store mobile, which is essential for boutiques that depend on the big boost in sales that come from conventions, farmer’s markets, or trade shows. Best of all, with the right technology, your inventory is synched in real time, so you can return to normal operations with insight and confidence that you didn’t miss a beat.

It’s good to keep in mind that many of these examples apply to tons of small businesses that weren’t mentioned here. Also true is that there are a lot of benefits besides these. Going with a mobile POS like Poynt will allow you to dig in and see the wealth of benefits these potent tools can bring you.