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Dental Membership Plans for Retired Patients

Moolah is partnered with Dental Success Network and provides dental credit card processing. One common difficulty across the industry at the current moment is difficulty meeting the needs of retired patients. Older-age individuals have proven to be some of the best dental patients. They understand the importance of dental care and are appreciative of the care that is currently available. However, every day thousands of older-aged individuals retire and often lose their dental coverage. When looking for dental coverage, many retired patients are surprised to find that most coverage from Medicare excludes almost all dental work, leaving them to search elsewhere for coverage. Many of the plans they will find are either unaffordable or confusing, often with many exclusions, leaving them with few reasonable options for dental care. While many retired individuals may choose to try insurance or discount plans, these plans often fail to work well for patients and/or dental providers.

Membership Plans Provide an Effective Solution

Dental membership plans are a great solution for retired individuals as well as dentists. Dental membership plans can help dentists and patients work together to find the best, most cost-effective treatment options while moving away from insurer interference. Membership plans can give dentists more control: you get to choose subscription price, options, fees, and exclusions. Dentists and patients are in charge of deciding the type of care, as well as when to use it. And payments can be made directly to your practice so you don’t need to worry about reimbursement or claim denial.

Membership plans give dentists more freedom and allow you to find ways to meet the needs of your patients. As a dental care provider, you can create your own plan, taking into consideration the specific needs of your practice and patients. For instance, you can create a membership plan with a preventative care component that utilizes monthly payments for fixed incomes in order to meet the needs of your retired patients. With membership plans, you can give retired patients the care they need in an affordable way that works for your patients as well as your practice.

Considerations to Take When Developing Your Plan

When creating a membership plan, there are considerations to make. Start by considering the needs of a variety of patients, including older-aged and retired patients as well as children. Consider what types of services and specialists your patients might need, and what discounts you want to provide. Consider ease of signing up, and make sure your patients can sign up for a plan from any device. Consider ways to promote your plan, including email, print, social media, and referral. Consider payment options, making sure to provide a monthly payment option. Make it easy for your patients to pay. Make sure you offer credit card payment as an option. Moolah provides dental credit card processing, so we might be able to help you with taking your patient’s payments. The Dental Success Network can be a great resource when considering this type of payment; and when considering credit card processing for your practice, think of Moolah.