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Considering POS for Franchise Success

Odds are that if you own a franchise, your location is already set up with a functioning point of sale. Still, maybe you find yourself somewhere in between. For the small-to-medium-sized business owner that is in the position of considering the leap into becoming a franchisor, one of the many considerations should be what kind of POS solution to implement in order to provide you with the right balance of ability to monitor a location on one hand, and ability to grant freedoms to the franchisee to make adjustments as needed—the best mobile POS system will do both. It’s a tough balance, but there are many tools out there to come to your aid.

As for Moolah, we strike our own balance between working with as many POS systems out there and favoring providers that mesh well with us. Moolah integrates with one such provider that is pretty popular (and for good reason): Lightspeed. It is perfectly disposed to a small business that wants a convenient, easy-to-use POS; still, it has the power and flexibility to take care of a retailer on into franchising—and is even used by big-box retailers. Here’s what it can do.

Inventory insight

Your ability to get inventory right represents a constant hurdle to effective business, and a constant opportunity for those with the tools to do it right. With Lightspeed, you have an easy way to get efficient fast. The essentials of inventory management—adding descriptions, category management, and reorder points, where items are automatically sent for order fulfillment—are all present and easy to be implemented. This goes the same for multiple locations. From there, the benefits continue, with the ability to transfer inventory between locations and provides full visibility of all inventory from stores and warehouses.


An individual looking to start a franchise will be looking for the ability to customize. Lightspeed allows for this in a variety of ways. Pricing can either be standardized across locations, or be changed based on individual location. This comes in handy if a location is in a dramatically different location, and pricing needs to be changed to reflect that. Additionally, the user experience also has broad abilities to be customized, based on the individual needs of the location, its management, and its employees.

It can be hard to definitively declare that any one provider offers the best mobile POS system. Still, Lightspeed does a very nice job offering anything or everything a business may need to get set up for franchising. When a system as robust and customizable as Lightspeed is offered, it adds incentive and value proposition to the franchisee who is essentially investing their time and money in your enterprise. Lightspeed—and Moolah—is proud to be there for you.