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Choosing a Credit Card Terminal

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of having the right credit card terminal. Here at Moolah, we have partnered with Poynt and chosen the Poynt Smart Terminal as our credit card terminal of choice. That’s because of its ease of use, flexibility, security, and most importantly, its connectivity. However, if you are just getting into the business of credit card payment processing, you may have some questions about card terminals. Here, we will outline some of the basics that can help you choose your payment terminal.


The traditional, or countertop terminal is something you’ve seen at all types of establishments. It is one of the oldest and most common credit card terminals around. This type of terminal typically sits in a fixed location, on a countertop, and it does not normally move around. It also requires an internet or phone connection in order to process payments. The traditional terminal tends to have the benefit of security, as well as the ability to accept several forms of payment, but it typically lacks portability.

Wireless or Mobile

Wireless or mobile credit card terminals do not require a wired internet or phone connection, unlike traditional terminals. The ease this provides may make them an appealing option, especially for people who are accepting payments on the go. However, wireless or mobile terminals may not be as secure as you would like, though there are some efforts you can take to increase security. You’ll want to make sure your business follows the standard PCI guidelines to protect your network.

Integrated Point of Sale

Another type of credit card terminal is the integrated point of sale (POS) system. Integrated POS systems can be more efficient than other card terminals because they often integrate software and hardware your business already needs, and can be connected directly to your payment processor. With POS systems, information can move directly from the payment processor to POS, saving you the trouble of inputting transaction information yourself. POS systems can significantly simplify the process of accepting credit card transactions.

Virtual Terminals

Another type of credit card terminal is the virtual terminal. These are web pages that allow you to directly input transaction information. This can come in handy for transactions over the phone or online. However, virtual terminals may not be as efficient for in-person transactions, as they require you to input payment information rather than simply inputting or swiping a card.

Choosing Your Terminal

When choosing a credit card terminal, it is important to consider what is best for you. Here at Moolah, we offer the Poynt Smart Terminal to customers free of charge. The Poynt Smart Terminal is an integrated POS that can serve as a countertop terminal while providing wireless connectivity to aid in the processes that keep your business running. As your business grows, Poynt and Moolah have the ability to stay with you.