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Can Your Mobile Actually Replace the Traditional Cash Register?

The answer is…almost!

With the growing ease and security of plastic payment options, along with the innovations of mobile devices, small businesses have more ways to accept payments than ever before. With all this advancement, is it possible to rely solely on your mobile device, and ditch the traditional cash box all together? And what about more novel solutions like the Poynt POS? Let’s take a look at the right questions to ask.

What’s your Business and who are your Customers?

On-the-go businesses obviously benefit from the portability of mobile card readers and their corresponding apps. Service providers such as pool cleaners, window washers, and landscapers are able to get paid faster than ever, now that tech solutions allow them to accept a card payment at the time of service. Previously, it was necessary to invoice your services, wait for a check in the mail, take these checks to the bank, and wait for the bank to deposit them. Most will agree that the light-speed increase in deposit time is well worth the small fee these providers charge. Moolah in particular makes the decision easy, with a low rate of 2.69% + $0.29, even for keyed-in transactions, which tend to come up when you’re running payments out on your service route.

If you’re transitioning to accepting cards, it’s important to consider your customers’ views and needs. There are certainly those that prefer their good old fashioned check to the idea of sticking their card into someone’s phone. Do what you can to ease the transition by informing them about it, and making them feel comfortable. As for your side, it’s a good idea to use a second dedicated device for business, for security purposes. Doing everything you can to keep your customers’ information safe is a must for helping them feel comfortable about the new payment method.

Reimagining the Point of Sale

Technology has progressed in a variety of ways since Square came up with the idea of using an iPad as a POS terminal. As more competitors entered the disruption game, the question of the perfect POS has only grown more complex. Providing the optimum payment experience for your customers can really depend on your particular industry. Still, one rule stands firm: the more payment options you’re able to accept, the greater your likelihood of making someone’s day easier, which is what good customer service is all about. This means that, for now, a cash drawer may still be necessary.

However, just because you need a cash drawer doesn’t mean you have to settle for a low-tech or boring POS terminal. To drive the POS excitement, Moolah offers a free Poynt Smart Terminal when you sign up for a merchant account. With the Poynt Smart Terminal, you’re free to choose where payments happen: it sits comfortably at the counter, but also easily goes mobile to the customer’s table, or wherever they are in your store. The Poynt POS also integrates easily with cash drawers and other peripherals, allowing you to craft a payment experience that suits your needs.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to be able to offer your customers options for their payment. With the robust features you get through Moolah, like the option of a beautiful Poynt POS terminal and the same low rate for keyed-in mobile transactions, offering a great payment experience for your customers is more possible.