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Breaking it Down: How to Get a Successful E-commerce Website

So you’ve got a brilliant product—that’s awesome! But in the complex world of e-commerce, the product alone doesn’t guarantee success. How do you ensure that the stars align for your e-commerce website and visitors to your website become actual customers? Here are a few pointers.

Shopping Security

Online shoppers are mostly trained to look for the signs of a secure online shopping environment. As an e-commerce site, you want payment processes that hold up to the latest standards of quality so that your customers feel protected right from the start. With a Moolah credit card processing solution for your small business, you—and your customers—can rest assured. Because Moolah is powered by Authorize.Net, you’ll be able to display the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant seal, thus allowing your potential customer to trust you and your website that bit easier.

Quality Images

If you’re an e-commerce business, the single most important investment you can make for your success is quality photos of your products. This is true for almost everything you can possibly sell, from sparkplugs to saris to skateboards. Any visitor to your website is always one click away from leaving – so it’s those high quality, vivid photographs that propel them to stay a bit longer, look a bit more.

Social Strategy

E-commerce doesn’t begin and end on your website. If you sell your product online, you’ll need to start thinking about social media. If you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing right now and secure your social media accounts on the major platforms. Even if you don’t plan on using them just yet, get the account while you still can. As you grow, you can begin integrating the different social media accounts into your overall strategy.

Be Optimized for Mobile

Every year, a greater percentage of internet sales are completed on mobile devices, rather than standard desktop computers. Having your site optimized to function on mobile phones and tablets is now effectively no longer an option if you want to remain competitive. Think you can’t afford top-notch web design? Moolah has partnered with Wix to make sure everyone has access to quality website development.


Lastly, you’ll want to be able to give your customers options, which means you’ll want a single yet powerful credit card processing solution for your small businesses. Imagine that you sell baking sheets. You may get a majority of your sales from your online store, but what happens when there is a trade show for baking goods? You’ll want a payment processing solution that can go on the road with you, offering mobile credit card processing when customers buy your product in-person. No matter what you’re selling or what your needs are, Moolah has a solution flexible enough to grow with you.