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BOPIS: Give Your Customers Variety

Everybody likes options. This is no less true for purchasing options. With growing interest in “hybrid” purchase patterns, like buy online, pick up in-store (or BOPIS) smaller retailers are finding themselves confronted with more demanding interactions. Is your store keeping up? Make sure that you’re using the absolute best mobile credit card processing company before going further.


BOPIS appeals to customers because it, in theory, combines the convenience and control of both purchase methods. You get to easily use the online search options, see what’s in stock and what isn’t, all from the comfort of your own home. Then, when it comes time for the sale to be completed, you get to be in control again: instead of waiting around for the UPS guy, you can hop in your car and drive right up to the store to get your package.

Is it good for the retailer, too?

While you are required to have new systems in place to make BOPIS possible, there are a lot of upsides to the BOPIS process for you the retailer, too. You can leverage your online shopping experience to cross-sell things that are related to the customer’s purchase. This cross-sell can also happen in the store when the customer picks up their package.

Be Wonderful

Something that must be said about BOPIS: you need to execute. The ability to impress your customer is high; but also, the chances of annoying them run higher, too. The last thing you want to hear is the complaint, “My packaging isn’t ready?! I could have just come in and picked it off the shelves myself”. If you’re a smaller retailer, and you’re experimenting with BOPIS, look at it as an opportunity to let your store shine, and to go farther than Amazon will ever be able to. Free gift wrapping, additional promotions encouraging more in-store pickups down the road, including free samples of this or that, if applicable to you, are all ways to make a good impression. If you do end up making a bad impression by letting down the person coming in, have a plan B ready to thank them for coming in, and to attempt to make it up to them. This could be a 10% off coupon, even more free samples, or some type of gift to say that you value their time, and their humanity. Most importantly, have the systems in place to execute.

As we mentioned, systems need to be in place before you can get your new BOPIS program off the ground. The best mobile credit card processing company can open the door to the right technology to accommodate your customers’ preferences, including the ability to synchronize purchases that happen online and in-store. If you’re looking for a card processing company that is up to the challenge, call Moolah today.