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Back to Basics, And On to the Future with Poynt POS

Lately, there has been something of a boom in Point of Sale technology, meaning small businesses have more choices than ever WITH terminals THAT accept payments. In a sense, we’re looking at features and functions that are opening us up to the payments of the future; but at the same time, customers and managers largely want the same things they’ve always wanted from a point of sale. Let’s dive in.

Transaction time

Whether you process dozens of transactions per day, or thousands, transaction time matters. Naturally, we want to avoid lines of irate customers pushing out the door, but even if one transaction takes a little longer than expected, that customer’s experience in your store is ending on a down note, when it doesn’t have to.

A huge part of what makes a transaction go well is the interface. As the name implies, this crucial part of the transaction, where human and technology meet, is the face of your business, in a way—or at least the face of the transaction. When a valued customer is parting with their hard-earned money, it’s important to do what’s possible to make them feel good. A Poynt POS can do just that. The Smart Terminal has a unique and recognizable two-screen feature, which eliminates all the swiveling and waiting that other POS terminals require. Will it make you sell more? Probably not. But if it’s the first time that customer has seen the Poynt Smart Terminal, it’s bound to make a strong first impression.

Timely Data

Access to data, which is something of a novelty, is becoming one of the primary functions of a good POS. With access to real-time data, store managers are able to pivot sales strategies, better organize inventory, and make accounting a snap. What’s more, with ease of access to cloud technologies, it’s likely you can organize and access this technology from any device, and no matter where you are.


As the POS game gradually grows to include far more than transactions, the need for meaningful support becomes more evident. Poynt is incredibly user-friendly, but also comes with connections to great customer support. Tack on Moolah’s dedicated customer service for all things related to your merchant account, and you have great help in your corner.

If you’ve been putting in the effort to help customers have a great experience in your store, but have so far neglected the point of sale, take note! As the saying goes, the end is more important than the beginning, and the same is true for a sale. With a Poynt POS, you’ll have the ability to make the last impression just as good as your first.