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Apps and Your POS: A Match Made in Heaven

As you’ve probably experienced in so many facets of your everyday life, there’s an app for that. From health tracking to getting a ride to the airport, apps have exploded into every corner of our daily experience. If you’re a small business owner, you’re faced with just as many opportunities to simplify or expand your business with software solutions. How many are you currently taking advantage of?

Getting set up

First of all, in order to start benefitting from all the potential apps for business that are out there, you do have to be set up with the requisite hardware. A smart terminal of some kind is often needed to get the most out of the apps in a meaningful way. Moolah gets on board this movement by working with Poynt to offer a truly transparent and adaptable environment to use any app you need for your business. The Poynt Terminal has been designed with just this in mind: to be a hub that integrates with as many third-party technologies as possible, thereby keeping your business options broad.

Let’s be specific here: what exactly do apps enable your business to do more easily? We’re glad you asked.

Snag an email

Keeping track of your customers is a great way to improve your relationship with them. Apps abound that can link your in-store purchases to, say, your MailChimp marketing campaigns or your CRM.

Be better about inventory

We know that inventory can be a drag, especially if your business traffics in a large number of SKUs. This problem is magnified greatly if you have more than one location, or if you sell through multiple channels, such as Amazon, your own online store, or both. Robust apps are really necessary to do all this effectively. Based on your online shopping cart, there are many opportunities for automatic updating of inventories, as well as automated reminders to refill your stocks when they dip below a certain point.

Be informed

Even if you have multiple locations to keep track of, apps are out there that can keep you informed about what’s going on in your store, such as when cash is entering and exiting the till, or even more specific occurrences, such as a discount being given that exceeds a certain amount. For the casual control freak that wants to stay informed but has better things to do than hover around the store all day, alert apps can be a useful part of the workflow.

We’ve obviously just scratched the surface with what apps can do for your business. The app ecosystems available to small businesses are also only going to blossom further from here. What you’ll want to make sure of is that your business has the needed hardware, such as a Poynt Terminal, to take advantage of these software innovations. Moolah will do our part to help you keep up.