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A Healthier Payment Option

As an entrepreneur, keeping you, your staff, and customers healthy is of paramount importance. Illness interrupts business, contributes to substantial losses of productivity and revenue, and poses a serious threat to community wellbeing.

In light of the current global health concerns, public hygiene has become the focus of acute attention. Public health experts encourage social distancing, foregoing handshakes, and regular sanitization of frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs and handles. But what about payment transactions? In your typical retail or service environment, payment involves an unavoidable social exchange that usually entails either handling cash, or touching a shared payment terminal. While many retailers throughout the nation are shutting doors, when they reopen for business, more than ever it will be important to do what’s possible to limit transmission of illness. In your typical business, a payment terminal constitutes one of the most frequently touched surfaces.

At Moolah, we have long decried the pitfalls of cash, and the merits of touchless payments. Cash causes administrative headaches, like counting and sorting, and makes your business an enticing target for the ne’er do wells of society. Additionally, the use of cash makes internal theft more difficult to detect. Importantly, it has long been known that money is dirty, at least on a biological level that is. One study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that MRSE, a dangerous antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria, can survive for hours on currency. Likewise, viruses can survive for hours on objects. When considering how many transactions a service worker may process in a given day, the numbers become quite daunting. Do better options exist?

We pride ourselves on offering a better and safer option. The sleek Poynt Terminal offers separate customer and vendor facing screens, meaning employees and customers need not share a common touchpad, thus helping insulate staff from community exposure to microbes. Additionally, our payment screens lack physical buttons like more antiquated credit card terminals, meaning they not only appear more modern and professional, but are easier to sanitize effectively. Notably, the Poynt Terminal offers compatibility with secure electronic payments such as Apple Pay, making touchless payment transactions a reality. A customer can simply hold their phone near the payment terminal, with no need for physical contact. It’s a hassle-free, hygienic, and increasingly popular payment option. In the reality of a coronavirus pandemic, touchless payments may be a key way that retailers shield their business, and their customers.

At Moolah we make it our mission to make your life as an entrepreneur, easier, happier, and healthier. We are committed to providing your business with top-notch payment processing solutions to keep your business buzzing along.