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A Few Points to Consider about Poynt

There are many ways to plan for your business’s future—and there is no right or wrong way for your business to grow. Still, regardless of your business type, the one thing that can throw a wrench in your growth plans is not getting paid. No matter what, if your business has big goals for your next five years, you’re going to need a payment processing solution that can keep up. With this in mind, Moolah has partnered with Poynt terminals, in order to get our customers plugged in with a point of sale system that can do what small businesses need. If this is the first time you’ve heard about Poynt, let’s dive into three good things about the revolutionary POS, and one limitation.

No Leasing—or buying!

Equipment leasing, while not a necessity, is one way payment processors get as much money as possible from their customers. If you choose to go with Poynt and Moolah, not only do you avoid the pitfall of getting locked into a high monthly equipment charge, you avoid an equipment charge altogether! Moolah and Poynt have partnered to offer everyone who contracts with Moolah for a merchant account a FREE Poynt Smart Terminal. How’s that for avoiding unnecessary charges?

Ridiculously mobile—right out of the box

While yes, iPad-based POS solutions are mobile, it’s really a whole different user experience to use the dual-screen Poynt Smart Terminal. It’s more ergonomic than a tablet-based POS, has every feature right where you want it, and comes out of the box ready to move around your shop floor.

As flexible as you want it to be

In the area of flexibility, Poynt offers you all the flexibility your customers demand—like acceptance of EMV, Near-field communication (NFC) payments and more. This kind of flexibility you can’t afford to be without. For those that are looking for more out of their POS terminal than just payments, Poynt connects its users to a whole ecosystem of third-party software and integrations, which have the ability to connect your business to powerful tools for success.

There’s a catch…

The only limitation of Poynt terminals is that they’re only as cost-efficient as the merchant account or payment processor that is attached to them. Lucky for you, when your Poynt Smart Terminal is associated with your own dedicated merchant account from Moolah, you’ll be benefitting from the most versatile POS, along with the great rates and customer service that Moolah is known for. It’s a great partnership, and a great option for your business.