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5 Things Poynt Does that May Surprise you.

With truly versatile technology, it can be easy to overlook some of the new and truly useful features that may not get the limelight. (Who out there has ever been surprised when browsing through all the advanced features on their smartphone?) We at Moolah may often be guilty of dedicating most of our time talking about the more general differences of the Poynt terminal, like its simplicity and customizability, while neglecting to go over all the cool little stuff the one piece of equipment can do. We’re going to round up all these cool features for you here.

It Scans

Some payment solutions require a lot of materials, all of which end up cluttering your front desk. The cash till, the card reader, the barcode scanner—even more? Poynt has the potential to reduce this, and clean up your counter space. It’s got barcode scanning functionality which works with the built-in camera.

It Prints

Ditch the clunky receipt printer. More and more customers are fine with an emailed receipt, but still, there are many who might need a physical printed receipt, for one reason or another. Don’t let this non-essential, but still-important function claim your counter space. The Poynt terminal printer is built right in! Surprise surprise…

It Apps

One of the coolest things about Poynt is the open-source approach it takes to software. Because of this, many businesses are integrating their apps to the Poynt POS experience. What’s more, it empowers developers to take full advantage of the powerful hardware.

It Accepts

This one may come as less of a surprise, but it’s still good to know. From swiped cards, to chip cards, to NFC payments and more, you can freely accept arrange of payments, meaning nothing stands between you connecting with your customer.

It’s Got that Signature Screen

Probably the most recognizable of the Poynt terminal’s features is that additional screen that lets your customer sign right there, without having to flip the machine around the first time you use it, you’ll feel like a champion.

All of these things, and probably a few more, have cemented Poynt as the POS of choice for the progressive shop owner. This is why we partner with Poynt give new Moolah clients a terminal, just for signing up with us. It’s our way of aligning Moolah with the best tech out there, and encouraging the same success in our clients. Get on the cutting edge with Poynt and Moolah!