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When Loyalty Programs Aren’t Worth it

Small businesses may feel the need to “stay relevant” by keeping pace with the big box retailers, who are increasingly offering app-fueled programs that encourage return customers with all manner of incentives and promotional offers.

Thinking creatively is essential to making relevant and effective promotions. As more and more retailers offer loyalty programs, it becomes necessary to avoid “loyalty fatigue” in your target audience. Loyalty fatigue comes from consumers being asked the same or similar thing over and over again in stores. Eventually, they stop wanting to give their email.

If your small business is looking for best credit card processing company, one which can enable you to utilize a loyalty program, you have plenty of choices. These solutions do everything for you, from enabling mobile-based check-ins, generating coupons, creating birthday rewards. With all the possibilities out there, it takes some time and effort for each business to determine what, if any, loyalty program is a good fit for them. The danger? Loyalty fatigue.

Is It Easy to Use?

The be-all, end-all question must be: is it easy for your customers to use? If not, fatigue will prevent people from taking advantage. Largely, app-based programs do hold an advantage here over old punch card methods of encouraging loyalty. App and mobile device literacy have crossed a threshold where most people will be able to navigate your loyalty system. The other main danger, though, is that many businesses are vying for your customers’ loyalty, and the effort this takes wears on your unassuming customer.

Communicate meaningfully.

Another reason for loyalty fatigue is the type and frequency of communications that come through once loyalty has been established. An overabundance of emails being sent out is a common way to unsubscribe. You can only imagine how the stakes are raised when you consider push notifications or text messages. These invasive forms of communication should be used sparingly. If you do use them, be sure that it’s easy for the user to find and change notification settings. This way you won’t risk alienating a customer that likes your business over one too pushy notification.

Don’t forget Creativity

As we mentioned, creative communication is the most important thing with promotions. If you’re able to add meaning to the identity of your store in other ways, you can build loyalty in a way that actually differentiates you from your competitors. One such way is by having an event calendar. Organizing or hosting local happenings that are “on-brand” for you can increase your store’s perceived value, and increase foot traffic too. Offering something that sticks in your company’s mind is the easiest way to stand out. When you look for the best credit card processing company, consider loyalty programs, but be sure to think of your customer most of all.