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The Key to a More Functional, More Beautiful Point of Sale Counter

Have you been to a coffee shop, or other similar retailer, that had a crowded counter? They might have the till, where the cash is kept, a large screen, where the current transaction is displayed, and a volley of other tech and terminals—a pin pad with its curly cord for the customer to complete their transaction, a scanner box to take care of scanning QR codes, something that takes care of NFC transactions—cluttered is a euphemism.

Points of sale can become this way, paradoxically, for early adopters of new technology. As payment technologies have a tendency to change frequently, it can potentially cause certain companies to plug in disparate units that possibly weren’t designed to go together smoothly, or at least aesthetically.

If you’ve been dragging your feet in accepting credit cards, here is one way that your procrastination has paid off. Point of sale technology has continued to advance in such a way that, if you’re looking now to upgrade, you have access to amazingly simple (and beautiful) options.

At Moolah, we’ve partnered with one such beautiful, simple, and powerful POS provider: Poynt. Everyone that signs up for a Moolah merchant account has the opportunity to pick up a Poynt Smart terminal for free! We at Moolah are all about lowering the barriers to entry for growing businesses that want to access better technologies. Let’s take a look at what makes the Poynt terminal such a potent POS.

Breathe easier

In contrast to the shop counter we described above, which was weighed down by terminals and technologies, the Poynt Smart Terminal can clean up your act, and let your customers breathe a little easier. It consists of one terminal with two screens to help complete the transaction. Regardless of whether you’re paying with card, or with any of the more novel payment methods, like Apple pay, or even payments through QR code—it’s all in the terminal for you. It’s why the people at Poynt claim that their setup is “future-proof”.

Look Better

Looks aren’t everything —but they aren’t nothing, either. The Poynt terminal offers a range of peripherals that, when lined up on your counter, look clean, efficient, and some might argue, even cool.

Do More

Poynt comes loaded with a range of native apps that get you off and running. It’s ready to start accepting payments right out of the box, and you can likewise customize your catalog of products quickly and easily, and customize items with discounts, taxes, and fees as necessary. You can also settle transaction batches, and review batch history and generate reports. In addition, PoyntOS is the world’s first payment operating system, allowing merchants to benefit from developers crafting new solutions continually. See more here.

As you can see, sometimes good things come to those who wait. If you’ve waited until now to update your store’s POS, make sure to check out everything that a Poynt terminal can do for you.